Is Blogging Considered a Job?

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Is Blogging a Job

Is Blogging a Job? If you blog, you either blog as a hobby, blog hoping to become a job while working another job, or blogging full-time. I started blogging when I was associated with a Consumer Marketing Company to try to get the word out about that particular company. I do not promote that company much anymore, but I still purchase products for my family because I do love their products.

I enjoyed blogging so much that I wanted to try a go at it to earn some extra income to help stretch our family budget. I have earned some side income, but not a consistent income as of yet. I have changed my blog name about 3-4 times. I finally came up with a name that I really love and want to put my heart into.


My Plan for Blogging

It was not something I was planning on doing. It just happened. I really do adore blogging. I, also work a part-time job at a local school where my kids used to go to school. I would love to blog full-time, but the income is just not there yet. I do like my job, but I will say I am a homebody. I love to stay up late and sleep in and have my own schedule. Now I am just working on it because I have a passion for reading and writing plus attempting an income for retirement.

I have become more passionate about it over time because it is something I can do on my own in my crazy world. Blogging is something that helps me to connect to people, gives me a creative outlet, helps me with personal goals I can write on my blog, and helps me provide for an additional income stream for my family in a small way. Every penny counts, right?

Is this what I thought I would be doing with my life years ago? Probably was not my first instinct. I actually went to school to be a Medical Assistant. Well, after kids and life happened – I no longer had that desire. When I first started blogging, it was because I wanted to be more available to my kids, be able to attend their activities plus having a child who was on the Autism Spectrum this was just the better decision. My reason I blog now after my kids are graduated from high school, my mission is because I love writing and working on creating an income so I can retire soon.

Do you blog or want to? What is your reason for Blogging?


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