The Longing by Beverly Lewis | Book Review

The Longing by Beverly Lewis | Book ReviewThe Longing by Beverly Lewis
Published by Bethany House Publishers on October 1, 2008
Genres: Amish, Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance
Pages: 350
Source: Own Book


Although she still prays for Caleb, Nellie Mae Fisher has broken up with her beau. Now, her heart's greatest longing is for more knowledge of the Lord. Caleb yearns for freedom, as his plans to leave Honeybrook have been thwarted. He must stay on as caretaker for his father, who was crippled in a wintertime accident. He also longs for Nellie Mae, still hoping that she will return to the Old Order...and to him. Christian Yoder, a young Mennonite man, longs to get to know Nellie Mae better...and to share with her the secrets of her sister Suzy's final days. Rhoda, Nellie's older sister, longs for more of what the world has to offer--from fancy clothes, to her own car, to a new English boyfriend. Meanwhile, father Rueben Fisher longs for unity--among his family and all the brethren. Whose longing will be satisfied, and whose will not?

Book Review for The Longing by Beverly Lewis

“The Longing” is the third and final book in the series of The Courtship of Nellie Fisher and I loved this series.

In this book, you will see more of the struggle of a community as it comes to terms with conflicts of faith and church division.  The community is very devastated to hear about a near-fatal injury of one of their own people.  Most of the book explores how God can use any situation to open our eyes and our hearts to him, and also to our friends and family that we may need to make amends with.

We see Rhoda confront her own self-worth, her longing for love, and disappointment in turning her back on her own family.  We see as she learns how to keep her family without compromising her values.  Her desire is to simply be loved while still loving and being true to herself.

The book continues to explore romances for Nan and Nellie Mae while diving deep into the heartache and loss that has settled over Rosanna and her husband, Elias.  One thing for certain is — through happiness, love, or loss we see one important message shining through — the importance of prayer and putting trust in the Lord, not only for our salvation but also for all the trials that may come our way.

I really enjoyed this book series of The Courtship of Nellie Fisher and learned more about the diversity between the Mennonite, Old Order Amish, and New Order Amish.  I suggest this as a must-read for any fan of Amish fiction, Christian, and Historical books.

About Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, fondly recalls her growing up years. A keen interest in her mother’s Plain family heritage has inspired Beverly to set many of her popular stories in Amish country, beginning with her inaugural novel, The Shunning.

A former schoolteacher and accomplished pianist, Beverly has written over eighty books for adults and children.  Her novels regularly appear on The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and The Brethren won a 2007 Christy Award.

Beverly and her husband, David, make their home in Colorado, where they enjoy hiking, biking, reading, writing, making music, and spending time with their three grandchildren.


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