Book Review | You Need A Budget by Jesse Mecham

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Book Review | You Need A Budget by Jesse MechamYou Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham
Published by Harper Collins Publishers on December 26, 2017
Genres: Budgeting, Finance, Self Help
Pages: 224
Source: Own Book, Purchased


A guide based on the tenets of the award-winning financial platform, "You Need a Budget," argues that a well-planned budget does not involve deprivation and counsels readers on how to prioritize financial goals, reduce stress through strategic cash flow allocations and meet the challenges of unplanned expenses.

Book Review for You Need A Budget by Jesse Mecham

The Budgeting App I use the creator Jesse Mecham wrote a book about You Need a Budget (YNAB). I found the app back in 2010 and has changed our life. It allows you to keep on track of all your money transactions and important financial issues. They also have podcasts and videos about different subject areas of YNAB.

This book is for anyone who needs some budgeting and financial advice. If you think budgeting is not for you and that it would not work this book will change your perspective. This is for you if your family wants to get out of debt, break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, or be able to pay for a family vacation without credit cards, You Need a Budget will help you get there!

If you are wondering if this will help you, YNAB is about actually breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, even when you feel broke, funding the things that really matter to you, and accepting that there is no such thing as a normal month. You can import your bank info, enter manually, download transaction by certain files, or you can do all of them.

This book is not about increasing his sales, but to explain his philosophy in more depth. He talks about the issues families face with maintaining budgets over time, things like working together with your spouse, getting out of debt, and powering through when you just want to quit.

About Jesse Mecham

I’m a recovering CPA that started a company called “You Need A Budget” (Y-NAB, if you’re busy) while in college. We teach people my unique Four-Rule Method that completely transforms how they view and manage their money. When people follow the YNAB Method, they break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and save more money.

I’m not a writer by training (I was trained as a CPA, remember?) so what my writing lacks in polish, it makes up for in personality. Ha!

I love helping people get a grip on their money. I love seeing them make positive changes to their lives that will pay dividends far into the future.

Born and raised in Arizona, I now live in Utah with my beautiful wife (who’s quite the Crossfitter, ask her about it and she’ll tell you everything you ever didn’t want to know), and my six children. When I’m not writing about, speaking on, or doing my own budgeting, I enjoy growing as much food as possible on my little third of an acre in suburbia, lifting heavy weights, and just living life one moment at a time. I am blessed.


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