Carousel Round-Up Friday — Themed Round-ups

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Image Credits: Unsplash

I am starting something new in January 2022.  It will be called Carousel Round-Up Fridays.  It will be a series of posts which will be about 1-2 posts per month with a particular theme. The post will not always be posted on Fridays, sometimes it will post on this blog earlier than Friday.  The Email, however, will be on Fridays in a Digest of posts for the week.  Bloggers, if you would like to take part in this, please contact me via email at Angie at LemonsLifeandReading [dot]com. Readers stay tuned for some informative themed posts coming your way.

Photo Credit: Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash

How will this work? 

I will plan my schedule in advance every 6 months in December and June.  Any Blogger may send me any post URL you would like to see appear by email.   Please reference the above information!  I would like you to send me the title, the URL, and the theme of your post like Halloween Cookies, Christmas Crafts, Winter Desserts, Farmhouse Decor, Grilling Foods, Graduation Ideas, Fall Foods, Saving Money, or pretty much about anything.  There will be about 10 blog posts in the round-up for each post once or twice a month on Fridays.  

When I receive your email, this will give me permission to use 1-2 photos, project descriptions in the post with a link back to you and to use the photo for a collage, round-up post, and social media promotion.  

Readers & Bloggers:  Once a post is published you will see a link here for each post!  If you join my email list you will be notified of the posts.  












I am looking forward to seeing your comments!


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