My Life Goals for 2019

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The goal was to start the topic, My Life Goals for 2019, way before now.  It has been a very busy month and did not get this post written to start in January.  This is going to be one of the content that will reappear each year.   Reading other blogs content at the end of the year and the beginning of the next year's posts is something I enjoy.  I will be starting to reflect on the past year and set goals for the upcoming year.

Next year, my plan is to start a few months ahead of time to get this post and other similar posts out on time.  I am hoping to start deciding on the content I will write about in October or November.  I will look back over the past months and decide what worked, what didn't work, what I learned, and other areas I would like to grow in. This time around is only going to be the goals for the current year.

As you may have read on my other post, I did pick my yearly word out already.  My word for 2019 is Positivity.  My goal is to be more positive in my life for the year.


You may have seen some changes in my blog this year.  I am in a training through Wealthy Affiliate, so I will be growing over this year in regards to my blog writing.  I am working really hard at this in addition to my regular day job.  I usually work on my blog on my day and the weekends plus some evenings during the week.  I am working to make enough income to pay our bills, put money in savings, and have enough when we retire to be able to enjoy activities we have looked forward to.

There may be times I do not work on my blog as my daughter is going to be a Senior next year when the current school year is over.  So, when she is home I try to spend some time with her when she is available.

I am hoping by setting goals it will help myself be more accountable and to actually accomplish some of the items on my list.  You will be seeing posts and updates on what I do or do not accomplish.

My Goals for 2019

Personal Goals

1.  Read 40 books from beginning to end, physical books.  They do not have to be books I already own, but they can be.  I plan to also write a post of my list of books I want to read this year.  I have not ever written a list for the books I plan on reading.  To keep track of my reading, I use GoodReads.  I have used this for several years now, so if you are interested you can join.

2.  Slowly read through the book, The Story, which is a story format of the Bible.

3.  Read 5 eBooks using my iPad.  I haven't read too many lately as ebooks, but there are still good ones I have downloaded I want to read.

3. My Plan for getting our home organized in 2019 is to complete all of the Organize in 5 Diary tasks to get our home to be more organized.

4.  Go to bed by 11:00 p.m. 4 days per week

5.  Work on FlyLady Tasks where I am to complete them.

6.  On Summer Break, work on Marie Kondo's Tidying Up Method.


Financial Goals

7.  Work on funding our Emergency Fund.

8.  Work on paying down Medical Bills.

9.  Work on paying down Debt.

10.  Work on funding our Vacation Fund.

11.  Work on funding our Christmas Fund.

Business Goals

12.  Work on Income with my Blog so will create a retirement egg.

13.  Get a consistent email newsletter started.

14.  Work on creating posts to be scheduled ahead of time.

My plan is to give you updates on my progress with my goals – especially the books I'm reading, organizational projects, consistent bedtime, and consistent blogging activities.  Stay tuned to see what other items will be working on!

What are your goals for 2019?  I'd love to hear from you!  Please comment to let us know.

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