Why I Like PrettyLitter for my cats

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When it comes to cat litter, pet families want a product that is easy to clean, odor-free, and not too heavy to lift.  I got to the point I just did not like the store-bought clumping litter.  It always sticks to the bottom of the cat pan and is just plain messy. I tried some other types of cat litter like paper and different types of wood pellet litter.  Some were hard to use and others my cat just didn’t like.

PrettyLitter offers cat families a new way to take care of your cat’s business with less mess, no odor, and ultimate convenience plus going outside the litter box is completely gone.  On top of that, it helps keep tabs on the cat’s health.  There are many reasons why you should choose PrettyLitter.


#1 – PrettyLitter Monitors Your Cat’s Health

PrettyLitter distinguishes itself from store bought brands by using technology to track your cat’s PH level for their urine.  The litter can identify illnesses early with a simple urinalysis.  It can detect health concerns like UTI’s, bladder stones, and metabolic acidosis.  The litter changes color based on the PH level.  Normal cat urine is dark yellow or olive green while any other color indicates illness in your cat.

Here are some changes to watch out for in your cat’s litter:

  • Blue Litter:  If PrettyLitter turns blue or dark green, it means the cat’s urine has a high PH level.  The cat could have a urinary tract infection and are at risk of developing bladder crystals and stones.
  • Yellow Litter:  Yellow or orange litter is a sign of abnormal acidity.  The cat maybe experiencing metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis.  It can also mean crystals and stones are forming in the bladder.
  • Red Litter:  Splotches of red means there is blood in the cat’s urine.  Kidney Disease, clotting disorder, bladder cancer, and bladder inflammation are all possible reasons.

#2 – Super Convenient

You can remove litter from your shopping list and say goodbye to having to carry heavy bags of litter home.  If you are a chewy shopper, they do not carry this litter.  This is a special subscription litter directly from PrettyLitter.  They deliver lightweight litter to your door, every month (or however often you want it), at no cost.  Shipping is free which is a big plus!

#3 – Awesome Odor Control

The most common complaint among pet families is the horrible smell that comes from the litter box.  This litter is odorless and scentless.  When it comes in contact with the urine, it traps the odor and then eliminates the moisture.

#4 – Simply Clean

Clean up is very simple with PrettyLitter.  When it is time to change the litter, I just clean out the poop and then scoop all the litter out of the box and put in a plastic sack.  I, then spray out the cat box  and dry then I am all set to pour another bag of litter in.

Changing the litter is less of a hassle now when you do not have to do it as often.  Plus, there is less dust which means less sweeping.  The litter does not seem to get everywhere like other litters.

#5 – Safe for the Entire Family

PrettyLitter is made of silica gel crystals.  It is NOT made of crystalline silica, the ingredient in many store bought clumping brands.  Crystalline silica is a known human lung carcinogen and wreaks havoc on those that suffer from allergies.

Give PrettyLitter a try and you will receive a free bag!

Give PrettyLitter a try!

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