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Are you a stay-at-home mom who also runs your own blogging business? You should keep a calendar where you can look at what the current work times and activities are.  I am re-starting this blog and this is one of my top priorities to get started.  If you are a blogger or a want to be a blogger from home, you still need to coordinate office hours to keep you on track.

Consistent Office Hours

If you try to work on your computer 24/7, you can burn out very quickly.  You would be experiencing information overload.  It is best to make time for information to sink in, Godly time, Family time, and just some personal time or getting your housework done.

By having strict office hours, you can safeguard yourself against the information overload and spend more time living so you can be freshly inspired.  You are made to experience real life and if you don’t then you would have nothing to share with the world.

Create a Personal Time

By doing this activity you are placing yourself under the protection of your office hours and ensuring that our lives are not overtaken by our work.  There is always one more thing to make your blog just a little better or to run smoothly.  I know you do not want to forget that idea that has popped into your head.  Keep a notebook on your desk or where ever it is convenient to write those down to remind you to look into the next day.

God has given us priorities, so we can pick and choose what needs to be done or not done.  Then, when it is indeed time to work you can do so in freedom by distributing them in a necessary order – God, Family, Work!  This is very important so you can cover all areas of your life.

Strict Schedule

Keeping to these particular office hours means that everything will not be accomplished in a day, it is not possible or would we want to.  This means you may have a post that will sit overnight before you have edited and published it, a comment may not be answered till the next day or other business activities may have to wait.  All these areas are given to us to have time to hear from the Lord and come back to it when we are refreshed.  This will also help you to not act in haste and rushing ahead of the Lord’s will for your work or business.

As you can see there are benefits to creating your individualized Office Hours, even if you work from home.  By keeping your hours it will help you keep motivated, inspired, and productive without the burnout.

Your Decision

You decide how many hours you want for your blogging business on a consistent basis.  Each week may be different depending on what other things you have on your plate because no week is perfect.  This helps us keep on track on what we want our day to look like.

Most of you are wives, moms, daughters, friends, and neighbors.  We have other responsibilities outside of our blogging world that Jesus has called us to do well.  For sure, we will be called to account for how we use our time.  We need God to help us steward the gifts of our time as well as safeguarding against putting too much time into workable office hours.

So, at the beginning of your week, pray to God and ask him how many hours and what tasks he requires of you for your blog.  You decide each week and set those hours and stick to them as best as you see fit.

Final Thought

As bloggers, it is vitally important to manage our time wisely.  We love what we do, but we do not want to forget about our loved ones in the process.  That is why we wanted to work from home in the first place to be available for our families.  The best advice is to keep your priorities in order that works for you.

If you have any questions or concerns on this topic, please do not hesitate to email me and I will respond as soon as possible.


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